Thursday, April 16, 2009

Misson Mexico

Obama wades into the mess that is Mexico. This a place that has captured plenty of previous presidents.

Obama's day (with damn commercial)

George W. Bush loved 'em

Bill Clinton did Nafta -signing into law December 8, 1993

George HW Bush loved 'em and did Nafta - iniating the process October 7, 1992

Ronald Reagan loved 'em all in Cancun October 23, 1981
President Reagan Dining with Heads of State
Original caption: Cancun, Mexico: United States President Ronald Reagan (2nd from left) talks with heads of state during a dinner hosted by Mexico President Lopez Portillo (R). Also pictured (LTR), Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India, acting Bangladesh president Abdus Sattar and Foreign Minister Hand Dietrich Genscher of West Germany.

Jimmy Carter outside Mexico City February 14, 1979 - talk about lovin 'em Wow!

Oh yes and... Zachary Taylor - much love?... maybe not

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