Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hundred Days on 101

from Wikipedia Hundred Days (disambiguation)

- The Hundred Days was Napoleon Bonaparte's final military campaign in 1815.

Hundred Days may also refer to:
- Hundred Days Offensive, the final Allied offensive on the Western Front during the World War I
- Hundred Days' Reform, a period of social and institutional reform in late imperial China
- Hundred Days Men, a Union military recruitment initiative during the American Civil War
- Canada's Hundred Days, the last 96 days of World War I
- "The First Hundred Days", the start of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1933 administration, resulting in the New Deal.
By extension, there is often talk of incoming U.S. presidents' actions in their first hundred days. See, e.g., First 100 days of Barack Obama's Presidency.
"100 Days", the first term (1834-1835) of British Prime Minister Robert Peel
"100 Days", the 1994 Rwandan Genocide

In popular culture:
- The Hundred Days (novel), an Aubrey–Maturin novel by Patrick O'Brian, set during Napoleon's 1815 campaign
- "A Hundred Days", an episode of Stargate SG-1
- 100 Days (1991 film), a Bollywood film
- 100 Days (1999 film), a film about the Rwandan Genocide

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