Wednesday, February 18, 2009

billions and billions

Would South Carolina governor Mark Sanford actually turn down federal stimulus money? CNN political contributor and democrat Paul Begala had a blistering response today to Sanford dollar rattling of late.

"Justice Louis Brandeis famously called states "laboratories of democracy." So let's experiment. Gov. Sanford can be the guinea pig. His Palmetto State already gets $1.35 back from Washington for every dollar it pays in federal taxes, according to 2005 numbers, the latest calculated by the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit tax research group."

"South Carolina is a ward of the federal government. It's been on welfare for years. If Gov. Sanford is so all-fired opposed to federal spending, let's start by cutting federal spending in South Carolina. Otherwise, he's got about as much credibility on fiscal conservatism as A-Rod has on steroids."

"Obama throws $75 billion lifeline to homeowners"
It seems like each day brings a new billion something dollar releif package or relief request from Washington. But, what are the relaitive measures of the debt we are encouring.

This chart throws some light on the numbers.

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