Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eight pounds, a thousand pages and this

"I'm not happy, and most of us aren't at the lack of true bipartisanship in approaching this legislation"
John McCain Feb 15, CNN State of the Union with John King

"If I may say, if this is going to be bipartisanship, the country's screwed. I know bipartisanship when I see it. I've participated in it. I've gone back home and gotten primary opponents because I wanted to be bipartisanship."
Lindsey Graham on This Week with George Stephanopoulos

"I believe that Senator Geithner -- I mean Secretary Geithner -- got off to a bad start last week. He was unprepared as far as details were concerned after a lot of fanfare. He wasted about four hours of the Senate’s time. I was there. We didn’t learn a lot of things. He was nervous about the whole plan."

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